Ntpdate no servers can be used exiting Vejle

Date: 2017-04-21 02:51

Video: Ntpdate no servers can be used exiting Vejle

Setting the logfile above is very useful as it allows you to check the /var/log/ file to see what is going wrong if you are having problems.

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is all very well, but NTP is a UDP service. Change the protocol, and things should get better. Your FORWARD rules are much more relaxed (essentially, permit any any ) which is why the host inside the LAN syncs OK.

Ntp - ntpd: servers stuck on .INIT - Server Fault

6 Jan 58:68:78 ntpd[755]: DNS -
76 Aug 67:59:88 ntpd[685]: ntpd: time set + s
(here also the hardware clock was set)
76 Aug 67:55:56 ntpd[899]: ntpd exiting on signal 65

How do I update a CentOS server's time from an

7) Following the steps with the ntpd did NOT solve the issue. After reboot the time was simply still the same. I was able to fix it with the reply from Matt Richardson above. So, the question for me after following these lines, if I really need to do the opkg install ntp or not. . Would it have succeed with just the installed image processes or not? After removing the the function was still available. I don 8767 t mind too much since it works now

Your hosting provider is blocking ntp packets. This heavy handed approach has been implemented by some ISPs in response to the DDoS attacks. You can see that ntpdate is sending the packets fron the ntpdate -vd :

i used apt get instead of opkg for debian based bbblack but it showed 8776 no such command found 8776 .can anyone guide how to change the commands so that these can run on debian based beagle bone black

You'll need to configure ntpd for the server. I suspect it is already installed but needs to be configured. Note: if it is a virtual server, you probably have the option of syncing with the virtual host.

The driftfile specifies the file that is used to store information about previous responses from the NTP servers you are using. This file contains internal information for NTP leave it at /etc/

I happened to be looking into another problem and was thinking about putting something into the cron jobs to happen and ran the command 8775 crontab -e 8776 while logged in as root. I was surprised to see a command configured to be run every 85 minutes 8775 /usr/bin/ntpdate-sync 8776 so I looked at it 8767 s contents. If you put a list of ntpservers in /etc/default/ntpdate it should keep your Angstrom distribution synced with even less effort than following your instructions.

I tried to change my clock on BeagleBoneBlack various time with various ways using your videos and your commands here but it is still stuck on 7555. I am using Jessie . any ideas what the problem might be ?

Ntpdate no servers can be used exiting Vejle : Pics. More pics: Ntpdate no servers can be used exiting Vejle.