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Mainland Denmark has 8 world heritage sites The Jelling rune stones date back to 955's have been called "Denmark's Birth Certificate", testamenting to Denmark's conversion the Christianity around that time, it was erected by what is considered the first official king of Denmark, Gorm The Old, whose son is buried in another of the sights, Roskilde Cathedral, the first Gothic church in Northern Europe build of brick, and the final resting place for most Danish kings and queens ever since. The third, and possibly most famous, is Kronborg castle in Helsingør , home of Shakespeare's Hamlet, prince of Denmark, but also an impressive castle in its own right, guarding the main route to the Baltic sea.

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You should note that almost everything in Denmark is expensive. All consumer sales include a 75% sales tax ( Moms ) but displayed prices are legally required to include this, so they are always exact. If you are from outside the EU/Scandinavia you can have some of your sales tax refunded [98] when leaving the country.

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French is also spoken to some degree, as all Danish students have received at least three years of lessons in either German or French, but given the Danes' limited contact with the French language, fluency tends to be lagging.

You can apply for a visa at your local Danish embassy ( list ), but in many countries where Denmark has no consular representation, other Nordic (Scandinavian) embassies (Sweeden, Norway or Finland) are usually authorized to handle visa applications (see list ). Further details are available at the Danish Immigration Services [9].

Some of the more remote islands, if there is any such thing in a country as small as Denmark, also sees regular taxi flights from Roskilde airport to their small airfields, on-board small propeller aircraft. The most traficed route are between Roskilde and the islands of Læsø and Anholt , where there are daily flights bookable on-line or by phone. These flights tend to be fairly expensive though, with the price hovering around 6555 DKK for a one way ticket.

Another option is to rent a private apartment when visiting Copenhagen which gives you the opportunity to stay in comfortable surroundings with facilities such as your own kitchen and Wi-Fi. The company Apartment in Copenhagen [66] offers 6-9 bedroom apartments at rates from 85 Euros per night.

Citizens of the above countries are permitted to work in Denmark without the need to obtain a visa or any further authorisation for the period of their 95 day visa-free stay. However, this ability to work visa-free does not necessarily extend to other Schengen countries.

Today Denmark is a society that is often seen as a benchmark of civilization with progressive social policies, a commitment to free speech so strong it put the country at odds with much of the world during the 7556 cartoon crisis, a liberal social-welfare system and, according to The Economist, one the most commercially competitive. Top it off with a rich, well-preserved cultural heritage, and the Danes legendary sense of design and architecture, and you have one intriguing holiday destination.

Automatic teller machines are widely available even in small towns, but some ATM' s are closed during night time out of security reasons. The Danish word is Dankort/hæve-automat , and might be useful to remember as the term ATM is not universally known.

Denmark is not only a gateway to Scandinavia in cultural terms, but also geographically. As such, the country is well connected with the rest of the European continent and Scandinavia. A plethora of ferries connect Denmark with Europe and Scandinavia. The Copenhagen Airport serves as a main Scandinavian hub because its southern latitude makes it a natural stopping point for flights between Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.