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How strange! Pentas are rarely bothered by pests or disease. It’ wonderful of you to want to protect the bees! Not knowing what the pests are, I suggest two things: 6. Rub the leaves with warm soapy water to get them off of the plant. 7. If possible, take a few photos of the insects and the damage they cause and visit a local plant nursery (not Home Depot). Ask the staff if they are familiar with the pest–that is the only way to choose the right product for treatment. The spray you applied may be effective only at a certain stage of the pest’s life cycle. In order to treat, you must know thy enemy! Hope that is of some help.

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If you plant a row of tobacco away from your tomatoes you will find that the aphids and other pests will eat the tobacco instead of your tomatoes

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Per Park Ranger advise, I did sprinkle Borax on California visit to surround/outline tent to prevent ant intrusion. That is used in powder form, not dissolved in water.

I just found what looks like a green aphid. I had no experience with green ones before. I have a cutting from a black raspberry plant that is infested. I didn't notice any insects when I brought it in.

I was wondering why no one had mentioned boric acid (aka Borax) before! I use it for laundry & around the outside perimeter of my house and my plants as a dry dust and haven't had any problems….. Except for this year, I have chronic pain in my lower back & am limited to what I can do. Dusting my flowers & shrubs wasn't done & I noticed my first green aphid on my new transplanted moonflower plant! I will need to get some boric acid. You can buy Borax, the brand name in the laundry aisle at your local walmart or grocery store (Meijer, Kroger,etc…)for around $! Alot cheaper than buying the general name boric acid from a gardening/department store & you get a lot less!

How can the ants be the 'good guys' if they're farming the aphids? ) IMHO, the ants are just as guilty, maybe even more so since they farm the aphids.

do I need to attempt control of the aphids on the nasturtium or just let the flower do it's job attracting the little buggers as if it's the crack dealer and the aphids are the crack heads? ( if you don't find that have a sick sense of humour)

with the plants and flowers I have listed that I currently have, are any of them at high risk more than others for the aphid attack (I assume aphids will attack any plant 'buggers' are not plant prejudice!?!?!) or any other insects infestation?

6. mixture of soap and water
7. mixture of soap and water and alcohol
8. mixture of soap and water and cayanne
9. 'organic' pesticide
5. giving up ) (I won't likely make this choice..I LOVE PEPPERS)

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