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Remember, I am on a 7nd floor deck in zone 5b (in Ontario) and am determined I am eating peppers that I have harvested myself )

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What works is looking through each plant and cleaning each leaf with my hands and squeezing the aphids or breaking off the leaves that infest. I am constantly killing them but they are still there. The mites make a web across the leaves of the strawberries.
I clean the web off with a spray bottle and my hands. There still are leaves that have turned brown but they have not killed my plants. I was thinking about calling the lady bug people back and telling them the bugs died too quickly and to send more.

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Aphids are common pepper pests though they usually look like tiny whitish specks, not black. See the picture on this page. Spray a mild solution of soapy water on all sides of the leaves, especially the undersides.  If the infestation is severe, spray with pyrethrum.
Tiny black specks are probably flea beetles. You can dust with wood ashes or spray with a garlic or hot pepper solution. Spraying with pyrethrum will also control flea beetles.

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when possible, repot the plant and throw away the dirt. Larvae liv on top of the dirt and breed. All the above help the plant but can be reinvested from the dirt!

I'm guessing the dish detergent acts as a wetting agent that either helps to drown the aphids, or helps get the alcohol onto/into them which perhaps does the killing.

I was managing aphids until recent heavy rain followed by high heat. I pulled all my infested plants carefully ( kale & tomatoes) , but the aphids are ALL OVER the soil. How to rid them there? I live in Colorado, 6655 ft., zone 5. I would prefer an organic solution. Thank You!

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are there other flowers or plants one would suggest placing beside the peppers to help with insect control (be it for aphids or any other common invasive insect that might like my peppers as much as I do)?

Given this is an edible, we don’t recommend chemical applications. See if you can identify the insect that is chomping on your leaves. It may very well be something that will be gone in a few weeks and your peppers will be none the worse for wear. Often, insect pests feed at dusk and nightfall. It’s a good time to go out there to see what you are dealing with. Sometimes a simple solution of warm water and dish soap is enough to deter pesky feeders.

For whiteflies, you might like to go to: http:///content/whiteflies for suggestions. Some gardeners actually have had success using a hand-held vacuum cleaner to pick up the adult insects morning is best, when the adults are sluggish. Place the vacuum bag in a plastic bag, seal, then freeze to kill the insects.

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